5 thoughts on “Advanced Django (and tools) material and tutorials”

  1. I am also starting in Django and from what i see the best way is to build some simple applications. The best way is to learn by doing. Tried multiple tutorials and building just one app gave me more than all of them.

  2. Hi, if you’re into learning Django + Vue, I have a couple of tutorial series on my channel:

    There you can learn Django Rest Framework, building e-commerce websites and similar.
    If you’re more into React (rather than Vue), then checkout Dennis Ivy.

    And, Tomi Tokko also has a few good tutorials 🙂

  3. I suggest you to learn how to create REST APIs with django rest framework. Its a whole new world. Its super useful and probably the most important thing you should learn after you complete basics.

  4. I disagree with jumping right into build REST APIs after a very short time with Django.

    Building a REST API is an interface to your defined data models.

    This will force you to create a FE to consume JSON and render a UI.

    The browser already renders a UI when you respond with HTML, CSS & Javascript.

    You have to come up with apps or ideas and implement them.

    It’s more important in knowing how to solve the problem than building an API that calls the code to solve the problem.

    APIs are just interfaces, the more important thing is what happens after the handshake.

    • Learn how to do aggregate queries in django.
    • Group data by intervals(week, month, year)
    • Learn about using prefetch/select related
    • Learn about M2M and when to use a through table
    • Learn about signals, they’re really important
    • Learn about Djangos Storage classes
    • Understand that you can use a ImageField to store an SVG
    • Study popular libraries that help build apps(Boto3, Imagekit, etc..)


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