My very first official Rails app !

Hello community!

I just created my very first Rails app: [](

I made it with rails []( and implemented a bunch of APIs and gems such as devise (user accounts), postgresql (database), stripe (payment), gibbon (Mailchimp newsletter) and so on.

It's an online shop where I sell my own sound effect packs, from my previous life, before I started coding 🙂

You can have a look at the repo if you want: [](

I would love some feedback, but please keep in mind that I have only been coding for a year.



14 thoughts on “My very first official Rails app !”

  1. Hey there, I was very intrigued and wanted to help but, hey, you don’t need any review; this app works perfectly (at least the part where we don’t buy, I didn’t want to pay, no offense!)

    If I may try to help, I would say the description of a sound pack on mobile is quite fat to read. Maybe with some paragraphes or revelent emphasis it would be easier to read.

    As a next step, you might consider writing some pages for the SEO so you get quickly on top of Google search, as this website deserves!

    Congrats, that’s a really good job!

  2. Front end is simple and user friendly i liked that but the subscribe popup should be in center and bigger since i have to close it to use the site and maybe add the contact us part in the footer because I feel the content is too short.

  3. Great stuff, man. As a noob, very cool to see your github repo, too. Flipping through your commit history is inspiring me to take action on the Rails project I’ve been putting off — baby steps!

  4. Awesome! How long did it take you to do and how much more time do you need to put into it?

    Just asking because I’ve been working on something in the evenings and weekends for about a year and a half now. Almost at MVP/launch stage but man it’s tough to muster the energy to write code after work when you work full time.

    Also, probably a bit late to suggest it but there are good rails application templates out there which have things like auth0, stripe, and other gems already set-up and configured with User models etc – may be worth looking into for future projects.

  5. Site looks really good and impressive that you’ve only been coding for a year. I’d recommend learning about testing and adding some tests to your app, it will help you no end when you make future changes, especially as you’re handling payments – definitely the kind of code you don’t want bugs in!

    Start with one of your controllers I’d say and write some tests for the core functionality.

    Or learn about cucumber and write some integration tests that test your app from a user’s perspective (interacting with the UI and checking the results)

    Any questions let me know.

  6. Nice work! I hope you are very pleased with what you’ve built – you should be! Congrats on getting it out there and having the courage to share!

    I scanned repo for security issues, nothing major, just a few small notes for you:

    1. Probably decide if you are using Environment variables or Rails encrypted secrets. It seems you are using both, when you could almost certainly use one or the other.

    2. `brakeman` just uncovered one error in: `sfx-shop/app/views/orders/new.html.erb` line 9. It doesn’t like the unescaped `[` `]` brackets you have there.
    Also, you have an extra `` tag in line 11 that might throw off some browsers. No security warnings though, so nice work!

  7. You did a great job! For a first app after coding for a year you did an amazing job launching at first pass! I’ve been working with RoR since 2007 and sincerely appreciate what you’ve written. Take the feedback and keep working on it =]

    My very first website was called Sounds Without Bounds, written in 1998 using old old .asp script (nothing like C#) and I shared movie sound effects from it. Yours looks 1000x better than mine =]

  8. I like that you’ve already implemented some services. As you make more complex rails apps you might notice your models and controllers will get fat and unwieldy. Use that service pattern and keep your models and controller thin and pretty. It’ll make your life much easier.

  9. So inspiring! Good luck with the store! I’m in a similar boat, 1 years experience about to launch first product. This gives me motivation to keep seeing it through

  10. Looks good to me………it’s amply good enough to sell; my only feedback would be to caution before spending huge amounts of time micro optimising the UI. i haven’t looked at the back end at all, but i suppose it will be fine too. so long as you don’t publicly expose any api keys etc.


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