My First Django Website

Hi all, I created a Django website. I am a beginner in Django and love web development. I have created a very basic website about me. I have added some basic functionalities too.

Link to Git Repository: [](

Get Website Preview And Description Here: [](

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9 thoughts on “My First Django Website”

  1. I can’t believe your just 10 years old. Great work!!

    EDIT: Couple of things which i wanted to have in the site is to make the navigation bar accessible throughout your pages. Currently its only available in your homepage and your site is not mobile responsive. Learn about flexbox, media queries or you could use a CSS framework like bootstrap which is mobile responsive out of the box.

  2. Absolutely amazing bro! Great job and I love the site!!

    Going to bookmark it because, yeah, you are going to be a star one day

  3. That’s really awesome! It’s put together well, I like your colour scheme. You’re good, and can’t believe you’re 10! You’ll be writing books before high school 🙂 or doing something really cool.

    I’m also a Django beginner, I really like it, except for deploying.


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