What is a good way to manage different Vagrant projects

I'm new to vagrant and I was wondering what is a common or good way to manage different vagrant projects. The way I understand it each project has its own `Vagrantfile` file so it would appear creating a folder structure based on projects would make sense eg.: `~/vagrant-projects/project{1,2,3,...}/` each containing `Vagrantfile` and `.vagrant` directory. Does this sound reasonable or am I missing something? How do you handle different projects.

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  1. Not necessary. You can have multiple boxes defined inside Vagrant file.

    You can launch them separately:

    vagrant up vm1 vm2

    By default if there is one box you don’t specify name: `vagrant up`.

    If they are unrelated (projects) keep them in separate repositories. The days of SVN are in the past ))

    Check project structure of some professional, like:


    though nowadays it looks completely alien because of Packer (also elite repo):


  2. Your proposed method of organization seems odd. It’s tool rather than objective focused. Like people who keep all their Word files in one folder, their Excel files in another, and their PowerPoint files in another; instead of having a Budget 2022 folder that contains all the files relevant to that project. But I don’t know what “vagrant project” means to you and maybe organizing things that way makes sense


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