I made a search engine all about food using Django and React

Hey everyone! Thanks to those in this great community who helped answer my questions when I was getting started. Here are the fruits of my labor. I made a search engine from scratch all about food and I couldn't be happier!

I used Django REST framework to develop the api that communicates with a React front-end. It took me a little over a year from starting brand new with Django and some fairly crap python skills so I can certainly say that I've learned a lot just by doing. I did everything from the ground up so please ask any questions, poke around and see if things break, or give me some general feedback. This was a really fun and educational project and I wish to continue to work on it.

I personally wanted something that would help me plan meals around other dishes. Kind of got tired just pairing french fries and onion rings with my burger. I also wanted something fun to explore. After looking around and not finding what I was looking for, I ended up throwing this together.


1 thought on “I made a search engine all about food using Django and React”

  1. Absolutely fantastic work! I can see the hard work and effort put into this. It’s great how you link to food52 for recipes.

    My suggestion on the landing page, maybe you cluster things like proteins, vegetables, stews, etc… so it’s not just a dot wall. I know the search is there but on first look, the randomness of the dots may dissuade people from looking further.


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