I have created an Admin Framework in Symfony 5.2.

Hey ,

I have created 2 bundles that provide components and layout for backends.

Unlike Sonata or EasyAdmin, your CRUD use basic symfony logic without any abstraction layer. You just have to use components i made (DataTable, Menu, Breadcrumb, Toolbar, ...).

Can you check my demo [here](https://umbrella-corp.dev/) and give me feedbacks ? \^\^ (The main part of demo is actually in French)

Thanks for your time,

Just star my [github](https://github.com/acantepie/umbrella-admin-demo) if you appreciate.


I have updated the demo app with more data (data from NASA and SpaceX) to provide better example. I have translated whole demo app into english (probably a bad english :p)

[Demo app screenshot - new version](https://preview.redd.it/wu6c16dzigl61.png?width=1921&format=png&auto=webp&s=ce8afcce5f654f9cb078eab76051d3e728cb9308)


Demo website is hosted on my own raspberry pi 3.

7 thoughts on “I have created an Admin Framework in Symfony 5.2.”

  1. Cool, this looks promising!

    Some things I noticed:

    \- It would be nice to see an English translation and use that by default, also on the demo, to get your project some more acceptance
    \- The Datatables/Table view looks messed up on mobile
    \- Exporting the selection returns a 0 bytes file when nothing is selected (of course that’s technically right but weird UX)

    Also: does the table sorting still work when there is more than one page of results? Would this mean all data from the respective database table is loaded at once initially? The example data set is too small to see that.

    A nice feature that I think EasyAdmin is missing would be to be able to create related entities without having to switch to another “admin” page, e.g. create a new category from inside the “article” admin. Not sure how that would work UI-wise as you are already using modals for the create and edit actions, so probably can’t stack another modal on top of that but well, would be nice to be able to do this.

    Starred and I’ll keep an eye on it, nice work so far!

  2. Nice work. I’ve been using Laravel for awhile and have just decided to learn more about Symfony. It’s nice to see a capable admin framework like this.

  3. Looks great . Is it possible to show a bit more results with images so far I saw only form. Could we build form with your FieldType in user part (especially about uploaded ones . Where to put feedback


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