Kami Extension for Firefox

Is there a Kami extension for Firefox?

I am asking because adding a Kami extension to chrome allowed my students and me to use a button to open assignment in Schoology with Kami. No extension- no button.

I prefer Firefox. But when I use it, I don’t have a Kami button in Schoology. So I’m thinking I must have to add a Kami extension. I can’t find a Kami extension.

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  1. I need it too, my school account doesnt load any webpages on chrome on my desktop computer so i have to login using firefox, and obviously the schoology integration doesnt work on it

  2. Hi Velezica, Kami is supported on the current and previous versions of Mozilla Firefox, however at this stage not as an extension. Our extension is with Google Chrome, however, we will let our team know this has come up as a request. We have some more information here – [https://help.kamiapp.com/en/articles/647898-the-supported-browsers-with-kami](https://help.kamiapp.com/en/articles/647898-the-supported-browsers-with-kami) Any questions please do let us know – Hannah


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