Firefox Addon to gently remind to shop at instead of

Hello! I've created a Firefox addon to gently remind myself and others to use []( instead of []( so that part of the purchases' price will go towards charity. When you visit the homepage of [](, [](, or [](, you will be asked to consider visiting [](, [](, or [](, respectively, instead. I often find that I complete a purchase on []( and remember later on that I should have used [](, so hopefully this will help me and others avoid that scenario. If that has ever happened to you, then try the [Remember to Smile]( addon!

Disclaimer: this extension is not affiliated or endorsed by Amazon, nor am I associated with Amazon.

1 thought on “Firefox Addon to gently remind to shop at instead of”

  1. I use a plug-in that switches me over – no need to ask – just forces to use Amazon smile. I can’t think of a reason to not use Smile.


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