I have made URL shortner – task description included!


For those who want to do their own, check project requirements [here](https://www.dropbox.com/s/2yqy7uvhjeb7f0i/URLShortener-DjangoTask.rst?dl=0).

Currently unemployed so I figured I would try to deploy my version of URL shortener. I made it with Django It's free and without ads! Enjoy. I am also posting CLI version and source-code.



[https://github.com/adamwojt/ur\_l/](https://github.com/adamwojt/ur_l/) (spoiler alert if you want to make your own)

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  1. I thought Django had a plug-in or something for url shortener. If itb doesn’t then I would definitely think it would be awesome to make the url shortener into a package for all of Django community to easily use in all projects


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