11 thoughts on “What dev composer packages are a must have?”

  1. Laravel telescope: [https://laravel.com/docs/8.x/telescope](https://laravel.com/docs/8.x/telescope)

    IDE helper: [https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper](https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper)

    Debug bar: [https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-debugbar](https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-debugbar)

    Dump server: [https://github.com/beyondcode/laravel-dump-server](https://github.com/beyondcode/laravel-dump-server)

    If making a package: [https://github.com/orchestral/testbench](https://github.com/orchestral/testbench)

  2. Straigt out of a composer.json from a project of mine.

    – laravel-mail-preview: https://github.com/spatie/laravel-mail-preview. Let’s me preview sent mails in the browser or in a Mail app locally
    – itsgoingd/clockwork: https://github.com/itsgoingd/clockwork. Like DebugBar, but lives in a browser extension which I like more.
    – vimeo/psalm: https://psalm.dev/ / https://github.com/vimeo/psalm. Static Analysis
    – nunomaduro/phpinsights: https://phpinsights.com/. Static Analysis and code quality checks. Opinionated, but quite good.
    – rector/rector: https://github.com/rectorphp/rector. Automatic refactor of my code to support new PHP versions and much more.
    – wnx/laravel-stats: https://github.com/stefanzweifel/laravel-stats. My own package to see how big my app actually is.

  3. For Laravel-specific, another vote for debug bar here. For general packages, I typically use Guzzle and cebe\markdown the most.

  4. The ones you need to get the job done. The rest are just “surgaur” – put your composer on a diet, cut the fat and surgar and focus on only the most essential tools and libraries to get the job done asap for the client.

  5. `codeception/verify` for more readable assertions than phpunit’s backward xUnit style. `codeception/specify` is nice too but it confuses phpstorm’s test runner so I don’t use it.

    The Codeception suite itself I’m not too big on, but those two standalone pieces are handy.

  6. – Rector
    – Easy Coding Standard (ECS)
    – Pest + Laravel plug-in

    That’s a given on any project for me. Not much else besides whatever the default is.

    Edit: I don’t use IDE Helper anymore because of Laravel Idea for PhpStorm. I sometimes use DebugBar, but it’s rare.


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