Auto-updating bookmark that keeps up with your browsing

I'd like an addon that auto-updates a bookmark as I browse.

I open a bookmark, browse a bit, and as I get to each new page (even if I end up at a completely different website) the original bookmark gets updated. Bonus points if it could even store the history, but not vital.

Imagine I bookmark []( which is a webcomic. I might click this bookmark every few weeks, click to the next comic a few times, then close the tab. But my original bookmark is still the same. The addon I'd like would know this was a special bookmark when I opened it. As I clicked through to each new comic, the bookmark would update to each new page. Then after closing the tab, the bookmark would already be where I last was.

I wouldn't want this for every bookmark, only specific *special* ones.

Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Auto-updating bookmark that keeps up with your browsing”

  1. Hi,

    i havent worked much with the bookmark api yet, but i guess
    it should be doable to create an add-on which can “track” specific bookmarks and update them on navigation.

    I have some time tomorrow and see if i can create a “Proof of Concept”.
    Just dont expect anything “fancy”.



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