5 thoughts on “Learning Ruby on Rails”

  1. It’s awesome that you’re excited but there are definitely downsides to ruby on rails, as there are with any stack – there’s always tradeoffs. We need to acknowledge this and be honest about these tradeoffs so we can be well informed engineers capable of using the best tool for the job.

    * Rails is very magical. Things can happen by inference and configuration. It sometimes makes problems or behaviors hard to track down. It can be hard to find the right option to override or change some part of how something works.

    * Rails has a great ORM that lets you query data easily but it also makes it easy to write queries that are not performant. It takes experience and diligence to make sure you’re preloading or including the right relational data.

    * Rails is pretty heavy, and even well designed apps tend not to be as performant as other languages like go and js.

  2. Same sentiments here. Ruby on Rails is very underrated and the funny thing is, people forgot that top companies are still using and loving it!


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