Confetti framework combines the elegance of Laravel and the simplicity of Go.

Last week I launched Confetti framework. I worked on it for over a year. The framework aims to make Laravel developers feel at home with Go (Golang). I am curious what you think of this project.

Website: [](

11 thoughts on “Confetti framework combines the elegance of Laravel and the simplicity of Go.”

  1. Wow! That’s awesome. Shows how Laravel is really influencing the rest of web development, with a similarly inspired Masonite for python and AdonisJS for javascript. When I started with Laravel I couldn’t believe all the resources it had and how easy it made everything.

    Hopefully it gets a following! I’m more of a rustacean myself, but best wishes that it takes off.

  2. Awesome idea! I’ve been drooling around Go and Erlang for a while now and a project like this should make expirements much more welcome in Go. Hopefully I find the right project soon.

  3. You just earned star 22 from me, looks fantastic and for sure something I’m going to look further into it. I’ve been wanting to experiment with Go for some time but found that getting started was just a pain. This looks like it will make that experience way easier.

  4. Looks really nice and promising, I was also doodling around in GO recently, but even though it was simple it didn’t feel convenient enough, something like this indeed may be helpful.

  5. It’s very cool. At the same time I would not recommend an opinionated framework as an introduction to the Go language. If you want to start with Go, start with vanilla.

  6. I think it would make sense to modify `app.Make` a bit. The following example feels more golike in my opinion.

    var client http.Client


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