Chris from GoRails just released madmin, and need testers

It's a great news, and a new baby in the admin space for Rails.

Currently I use administrate. I can't wait to test another possibility.


4 thoughts on “Chris from GoRails just released madmin, and need testers”

  1. Hah! Thanks for sharing.

    This is heavily influenced by Administrate, so hopefully it’s familiar if you’ve used that before.

    A few of the reasons for building Madmin:

    * Works with Hotwire & Turbo or Turbolinks out of the box
    * Supports nested models and virtual attributes
    If you have ActionText or ActiveStorage installed, then we’ll detect the ActionText::RichText and ActiveStorage::Blob/Attachment models automatically.
    * Virtual attributes, ActionText fields, and all the base Rails functionality should work out of the box
    * Easily customizable to add your own JS / CSS, pages, etc
    * Regular updates and maintenance


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