10 thoughts on “Alternatives to The Great Suspender?”

  1. I lost all of my tabs (4 or 5 windows every one of them had 10+ tabs) after this pop up appeared (pic bellow). I can’t even recover my tabs since I opened weeks ago and I visit a lot of pages daily so it will take me for ever to restore them which means [this guide](https://github.com/greatsuspender/thegreatsuspender/issues/526) is not helpful for me.

    Backup your tabs now so you don’t have to have ruined day 🙂
    You can import your session Marvellous Suspender


  2. Woah, I had that sensible feeling to backup all my tabs like 3-4 weeks ago like every other day.. and now boom. This is funny and sad in both ways. I’ve made some summary and thanks for the links tho. Seems it’s the case from November 2020.


    ps: Gave you an award, you’ve saved all my future knowledge ahead of time as I’m doing extensive research on various topics and till I’ll put all stuff into Obsidian it’s in Chrome till I read it and process it. Thank you one more time!

  3. [The Marvellous Suspender](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/the-marvellous-suspender/noogafoofpebimajpfpamcfhoaifemoa) is great. it saved my life

    i just can’t live without it.

    “Onetab” is also very good but it’s for another purpose.

    i also use “Simplewall” to protect myself and block chrome updates and windows updates. it basically cuts the internet connection to all of the services on your pc , you have to whitelist whatever you need. very simple.


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