nGinx – rewrite question

I'm fairly new to nginx and I'm trying to confirm my understanding here:

rewrite ^/(&!Api|Errors|Triage)/?(.*)$ https://$host$requesturi;

My understanding:
That's an "if" statement and it'll ignore the rewrite if it sees Api, Errors or Triage.

Am I missing anything? (am i just completely wrong?)

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  1. Hi there.

    The regex question mark usually means the previous expression match is optional. In this case referring to the slash immediately before it. Therefore, an incoming uri could be `/Errorssomething` or `/Errors/something` and still build the two match groups `Errors` and `something`.

    The group match (in parenthesis) is looking for Errors or Triage, but not Api.

    Also, the variable `$requesturi` should probably be `$request_uri`. `$host$request_uri` isn’t a very useful rewrite since it will just write out exactly what came in on the original request.

    I think there may be other problems with this, but I can’t make assumptions about the use case.


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