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  1. same here, I hate it when it auto creates tab groups when I’m opening links, and they removed the options to disable this in chrome://flags on version 90-dev.

    It’s so fucking annoying to always having to go press the ungroup button.

  2. If you want to change it to the previous version – cascade layout

    Go to chrome://flags
    Type in search : grid layout
    You will see
    1. Tab grid layout
    2. Tab groups
    3. Tab groups continuation
    4. Tab switcher on return
    5. Enable tab to GTS animation
    Disable 1,2,3 and 4.
    Enable 5.
    It will ask you to restart your device
    After restart you should see the cascade layout
    It works with Android 11

  3. ahhhh im SO glad i came across this thread.. I hated the groups and it kept putting different tabs in random groups…. It justs complicates something that was already FINE and simple lol.. Thanks for the help, so easy to fix!!

  4. I thought i was alone on that…and for someone who uses google to get to everything else on the internet this shit makes me wanna find a new search engine but the rest fucking suck

  5. It’s so fucking annoying! I don’t know why they give us the option to change it back. It just reverts back to this shitty new view.

  6. tab groups are UGLY, convoluted and counter-intuitive. Not user-friendly in my opinion. I’m tech savvy, 25 years on PCs modding/hacking/jury rigging and even to me, the view is confusing. also ugly. i dont want tabs with smaller tabs in them.
    Do you people have 50 open at once?
    I FINALLY had enough and found this flags way to disable it. If that didn’t exist, I would have finally said this was the final nail in Chrome’s coffin for me and jumped ship. Who’s good these days? my go-to would have been firefox, just because theyre just about the only other browser (afaik? cmiiw?) out there that DOESN’T use chrome’s engine, or whatever it is that drives browsers. What i know is firefox is separate while the rest are built on chrome.

    Yeah, so i did change it! and i’m happy. but if auto updates put me back onto grid view, and i look it up again how to change it back…and then it happens AGAIN…I will jump ship finally, from chrome, forever. I have about 1 inconvenience left in me as far as my patience goes with google. i really. really hate the fucking tab groups. lol.

  7. I’m someone who has a problem with change, and when something bothers me, even in the slightest, i either want away from it or to fix it.. having the rough ability to through disabling their changes was a blessing, and now it’s not working, and i’m genuinely bothered by it.

    It might be excessive, but i have 89 FUCKING TABS OPEN IN CHROME, and it’s seriously annoying me with this tab grouping bullshit.
    no Google, i don’t WANT to put my individual tabs into a folder to switch between a select two or three “easier”.
    I Want to be able to scroll through and select them in a timely manor.

  8. The problem is not the tab groups existence.

    The problem is you can’t choose not to use it.

    The solution would be very simple the long tap popup should always be:
    Open in group
    Open in incognito
    Open in new tab

  9. Starting to see this more and more, developers come up with an “improvement” that nobody likes, but the developers are sure people would like the feature if they just gave it a fair chance, so they force users to become enlightened as to the brilliance of their new way of doing things by making their new feature mandatory to use other features.

    We’ve all had a good look now and we still hate grouped tabs. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Spare a thought for us Chromebook users who will lose the ability to turn this shit off in a month or so, we don’t have any option but to throw away a piece of servicable hardware if chrome goes up the shit.

  10. Google have finally done it; I’m jumping ship.

    Every time Google fcuk with something in an annoying way, I look at changing browser, but the effort involved dissuades me.

    However Google blocking 3rd party Chromium browsers from utilizing the Google sync API is the last straw. I won’t use a product from a company that’s trying to create a closed ecosystem & hinder competition.

    I’m now willing to invest the time into removing my dependencies upon Google.
    What should I switch to though? Does Firefox have feature parity when it comes to syncing?
    What about the password vault integration for Android apps?

  11. I hate it 2. They are always forcing something new and useless. Before you coud swap tabs with one stroke. Now you need to click 5 times.

  12. Same here hate it too ! (but would be ok with a grid with no groups, and single click to open tab of course)

    Read an article yesterday saying complaining enough to google could change things :

    So sharing feedback in case of the Tab Groups/Grid view feature in question in this post also becomes important. Else, once the feature makes way to the stable release, you won’t have an option to revert the change. Take a look at how the expert explained the importance of timely give user feedback:

    I would also like to recommend that if you don’t like the function, send your opinion to the Chrome team about what aspect you don’t like, or why you don’t like it:Report a bug or feedback on Chrome – Google Chrome HelpIt is very important that you do this, since these comments will be received directly by the Chrome team (they do not usually go through the forums in Spanish). Also, it is important because if this function is set to the stable version for everyone, the flag will eventually be removed, and there will be no way to disable the option.”


    You can do that directly from chrome in android : 3 verticals dots > send comments at the bottom.

    Maybe if enough people were doing that instead of shouting on reddit it would work !! 🙂


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