Visual programming for Laravel

I have been tinkering on a proof of concept package for visual coding in Laravel. It is by no means finished but I would love to get some feedback. Repo: [](

The background for making this package is I used to work with a similar software for geographic data processing, and it was really cool too see how it helped non coders to independently work magics with business data.

If you want to try it beware it might be a bit unpolished 🙂 Thanks for checking it out!

5 thoughts on “Visual programming for Laravel”

  1. Im old and used to program PHP for fun before shit got all complicated with MVC stuff. I never invested the time to really dig into the framework, but I was fond of Laravell. I think you’re POC would be enticing to me to hammer down some of the concepts better. Keep it up!

  2. Wow, really cool. I am building something really similar but in a seperate portal. The fact that you do it in the application itself is amazing. Keep up the good work, Ive tried it, and it works pretty well.

    Can’t wait for the results.


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