My First Django App! A diabetes management solution.

Fairly new to django, python, and programming in general. I wrote a hobby app of sorts that records blood glucose levels, insulin doses, and meals. It takes the user input and uses matplotlib to render graphs. Its a whole bunch of python pasta code holding it together, but it works, and it was a great learning experience to get the basic functionality in place.

6 thoughts on “My First Django App! A diabetes management solution.”

  1. I really like the idea. I also want to learn Django and I did learn python but then I stopped and started learning front end.

    The main reason is that I think how will I make the beautiful web app without learning css and javascript. Am I wrong?

  2. To learn about integrating 3rd-party APIs, you could consume the Dexcom API to import blood glucose levels for people that use Dexcom’s CGM.

  3. Good job. I’m pretty new to Django as well, and I just finished my first project. I learned Python up to about intermediate level, which took about a year or little more. After that did not know what do to . So I just picked up Django started learning, and realized that I had to learn CSS and some JS. I wanted to just quit, but I decided to all three at same time-putting much of my time on Django and CSS. I stared learning these three about 4 or 5 months a go, and the other day I finally finished my very first project-cloud music app. Well, it’s not 100% complete-needs little bit more JS, but I feel like I did something. If you are interested, check it out and give me some pointers please. Here is the site : [Heroku]( . If you want to play any song, there is one alubm called “24K Mgic” on pop section.


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