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Howdy folks,

I wanted to share something I created a few months ago and didn't tell anyone about!

It's called [rails model visualizer](https://railsmodelvisualizer.com/). What it allows you to do is visualize a rails project by entering its github repository URL. It will generate a model relationship diagram by using the github API to parse the model files. It's a similar concept to [rails-erd](https://github.com/voormedia/rails-erd) but it's web based so you can just run it on random open source projects and get a diagram to help you understand the application. It also allows you to run it on private repositories once you log in with github.

Source code is here:[https://github.com/Dan-Burnette/Rails-Model-Visualizer](https://github.com/Dan-Burnette/Rails-Model-Visualizer)

It doesn't work on every repository yet. There's some edge cases, and frankly I don't have the time or desire to make it any better than it is. But, it's kinda cool and might work for your repository so give it a shot!

Edit: PRs / improvements welcome!

3 thoughts on “Rails Model Visualizer”

  1. I tried it out on a few projects, and it seems really cool. It’d be dope to be able to move some of the models around. But this could be hella cool with a little bit of additional work:

    * One older Rails 4 (yeah, I know) project didn’t work.
    * Rails projects that have switched over to `structure.sql` instead of `schema.rb` don’t work (it’s a model visualizer, yeah, not a database visualizer)
    * Being able to move around things and/or print the page essentially is self-documentation for much of an app. It might be nice to have a JPG export, or even a generated HTML bundle that you could include in your docs.


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