Simple interactive menu for Vagrant

So, I've been working with Vagrant for some time now, and I wanted to share a small script I wrote that made my life much easier.

My setup includes ssh-ing to my dev machine and running/using multiple local VMs through Vagrant.

The script wraps the Vagrant command line API to make it super easy to run interactively. For example, I no longer need to remember where each box is located, I can simply run `ivagrant` , get a menu with all the installed boxes, choose one and run a command (e.g. `up/halt/ssh`) on that box.

If you remember the machine index, you can also specify the machine number and the command to run it immediately, for example: `ivagrant 2 ssh`

**Tip**: Place the script under your `$PATH` so you can call it from everywhere.

I uploaded the script as a [Github Gist]( for everyone to use 🙂

If you liked it, a star will be greatly appreciated!

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