Open sourcing Django project of my 2 years of failed entrepreneurship

I had built an [Options/Derivatives trading platform]( for Indian stock market. Learned both Python and Django as I built it. So tonnes of bad practices 🙂. But its still a relatively complex product which uses -

* Celery for backround caculation every 10 seconds
* Redis for caching real time calculations
* PostreSQL for database
* Ctypes for faster calculation

5 thoughts on “Open sourcing Django project of my 2 years of failed entrepreneurship”

  1. I’m working on a similar sort of project but for mutual funds can you help me troubleshoot some of my doubts, if possible

  2. Excellent work. It’s ok if it didn’t work out for you, there’s always a better opportunity out there.I bet all that was a good learning experience. I dont get stock/options at all. Where would a noob like myself start reading/learning about them?

  3. Interesting! Few questions

    1. What was the biggest struggle points with using Django for such a product?
    2. What was the main reason the product didn’t work out according to you?
    3. What would you have done differently if you could do it all over again?
    4. What was your main strategy to acquire users?
    5. Did you build this along with a full-time day job?

    Would be nice if you could host it as a demo.


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