How concerning are scripts?

Like some other recent posts I have grown tired of Noscript Roulette. Because I cleanse the cache/settings every time the browser closes my noscript settings are lost anyways. (I have found that enabling the TLD and a script our two near the bottom of the listed scripts are all that is necessary to make a site function normally.) Nevertheless this is e every site. So I run ublock origin and privacy badger - though I am not convinced it reduces tracking and I am fairly certain it increases uniqueness - I am not certain about Noscript. In ublock I have disabled 3rd party scripts and frames. What else is getting by with Noscript disabled and more importantly how dangerous are these missed scripts - is it simply a tracking issue or can they allow the device to become compromised in some way?

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  1. Hello,

    my personlly workflow (with uBlock Origin only) is:

    On first (aka. unvisited) or infrequent visit sites,
    … allow 1st party scripts
    … block all 3rd party scripts

    When a site requires 3rd party scripts to work/run
    and i want/have to use it (frequently), i’ll manually add a rule to allow the needed scripts.

    Also maybe this might be of interesst to you:

    Hope it helps.


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