Chaskiq: A full featured Live Chat, Support & Marketing platform

Hello everyone, after 1 year of hard work since the launch of our OSS. I want to show you that what I believe is becoming one of the most complete open source alternatives for conversational platforms like Intercom, Drift, and others. let's see what are the characteristics of Chaskiq.


What features Chaskiq has:

**For visitors**

* Embeddable Live Chat supporting video calls and custom apps
* Video calls supported
* Integration with third party API for conversations
* Custom blocks to compose new workflows, that could communicate with API based services
* Programable and embeddable Onboarding tours
* Programmable and Embeddable banners
* Customer Segment Filters with custom attributes support
* Pre programmed conversation behaviors with bot routing tasks

**For Agents**

* Agent's conversation routing
* Text chat with customizable content blocks support, plugins supported
* Compose Triggerable conversational bots
* Mailing campaigns with statistics on sends , delivieries, clicks & bounces
* API integrations - Whatsapp / Twitter DM / Slack / Calendly / Zoom and many more!
* CRM integration - Pipedrive supported
* Dashboard plugins supported
* Webhooks that notifies certain events on conversations and visitor conversion
* Help Center system with multilanguage support
* API support - consumible via GrapqhQL with Oauth authorization
* External APP creation for use in agent conversations, contacts sidebar, routing bots and conversations (**this feature is specially amazing** : []( )
* Quick replies (as canned responses)

Take a look our repository on []( and try it out!

Right now we have production builds on Docker and one click installation for Heroku and Caprover.

Best Regards from Chile!

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