Some love for Taylor

Hi Taylor,
You’ll probably never get this, but if you do, read carefully: As someone who started their professional career as a Laravel developer and then had to switch to Drupal (only due to Corona), I’m forever grateful for you and the masterpiece you created called Laravel and all the subsequent services whether paid or not. I truly never felt losing something so precious such as the ability to write Laravel apps for living, especially when alternative was Drupal. I feel like I time traveled back to the 90s just for the fact that you need raw sql to query the database, or the fact there is no tinker console. Please don’t stop doing what you do best which is to set trends in software development, and continue your amazing work with Laravel transition to SPA. I truly can’t wait to get back to developing Laravel applications full time.

Update: I have returned to to building laravel full time. Thanks all

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  1. FWIW Drupal has Drush and that does have a CLI and other handy features like user and module management

    But yeah I miss Laravel too 🙁

  2. As I suspect this thread was inspired by the recent drama on Twitter, can someone explain where are all of these hateful comments that didn’t show Taylor love or hated on him? Other than a few in the previous thread (topic on SPA/API vs Livewire), most of the comments there were neutral providing valid constructive arguments for each tool and development approach.

    Other than a few hateful comments, which are always there no matter what, I don’t see people shitting on Taylor or devalueing (or whatever that word is) his work. Why did everybody make a big deal out of this? Why did Twitter turn into such a drama?

  3. Anyone who creates something that makes it either:
    – more interesting
    – easier
    – more fun
    To do something, especially in programming, is an absolute legend. This goes to Taylor and all the programmers who work their butts off to make programming a better industry for all of us and the future programmers.

  4. I’m a web dev student and my teacher thought I was ready for a more advanced work and he made me do this school assignment on Laravel (this is weeks before we have it as a part of our curriculum) so I’ve been reading the docs and watching tutorials. Started 2 weeks ago having no clue of what a Model or Route or Controller was and now Im just so familiar with it that I could create a Laravel app in my sleep. I’m really enjoying this experience so I join you in thanking Taylor but also the community because for every little problem I’ve ran in, there’s always been an useful solution and explanation somewhere out there.

  5. Agreed, I felt so bad for Taylor listening to the beginning of the Laravel Snippets #25 podcast today. This guy is a great engineer who has built an ecosystem that makes all of our lives way easier, more fun, and gives us a platform to hopefully built something interesting the way he has. But some people think of themselves as some sort of software eng gods who keep saying nonsense “WeLl aCTuallY IF yOU dOn”T bUiLD iT lIkE tHIs iTS bEcAUse YoU’Re DUMB” just because they read that garbage on some random Medium post

    Those types of people clearly don’t know how much work goes into building and releasing software like Taylor does AND WE GET TO USE IT FOR FREE.

    Lots of respect for Taylor, don’t let this kind of garbage get ya down. For all those trolls who love to hate on you, I promise there’s another 1000 engineers being quietly productive and thankful.

  6. I dont like the recent frontend changes and hypes for a backend framework but hey i love laravel so much. I have no issue whatsoever for the backend part. It made so many troublesome stuff such as queries, gates, auth, routes, signed routes, mails, queues sooooo much easier and fun to develop with. I just use any frontend that I like more. Boostrap + blade + jquery ftw!

  7. 100000% agree.

    I am at the 22nd year of my professional developer career, and many more than that going back well before the web even existed… I have never been more productive than since moving into the Laravel ecosystem. And there are definitely times where I don’t like an approach that Taylor has taken… but OOP means I can also do my own thing when I care to.

    Taylor has built many careers in my time using Laravel, I’ve seen devs start from zero, lean into Laracasts and go in to do solid work. Personally, Laravel really reignited my passion for the industry.

    And to the haters that complain about specific decisions or approaches: all of us seniors (both in age and xp) know the truth… you are demonstrating where you are in the Dunning-Kruger gradient.

  8. It’s more baffling to see this phenomenon when you actually have met him. The nicest and most professional man I’ve ever met in the industry. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, end of story.


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