Django technical interview questions

I'm new to this subreddit so hello everyone, I'm a fresher and a python and django programmer. I have a technical interview coming up in couple of days and it's my first time interviewing as a Django Developer.

What kind of questions can I expect?

Thanks for your help

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  1. Explain how views work.

    What is the difference between function and class-based views?

    What is the ORM? What does it allow you to do?

    What external modules, if any, have you used with Django?

    Have you built an API with Django before? what type?

    How would you go about adding a page that only shows content related to the user?

    Explain how middleware works.

    How would you design the models for a paid subscription system with prorated cancelation refunds?

    I would generally also ask about things they’ve built with Django, if they have any project they’d like to show and explain the problems they encountered and how they solved them.

  2. In my 2 Django-specific job interviews. I’ve been asked:

    * to help solve a bug on a demo machine that reproduces a bug that they saw in prod a while back
    * to build a simple file upload interface in \~3 hours

    I haven’t been asked verbal questions about Django before, it was code based those two times. Your experience may vary from mine.


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