I made a chrome extension that helps you find Airbnbs with fast WiFi

I was frustrated while trying to find Airbnbs that I could work remotely from. It's a pain to message every host asking for their internet speeds and hope for a response. I realized that if I could at least filter down to the areas with good internet, my messages could be much more targeted.

After some searching, I found a great dataset courtesy of Google. Every time someone runs a speed test using the Google speed test widget, the data is recorded and is queryable. This year I had been planning a trip to French Polynesia, but using this data I could see that they do not have fast internet! Luckily I was able to pivot and instead found a great place in Hawaii.

I wanted to make this process WAY easier...so I made a chrome extension. Now you can see the expected internet speeds whenever you are viewing an Airbnb listing. Safe travels, and let me know what you think!

[View in Chrome Store](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/roamer-airbnb-internet-sp/cdhljjahkpnlcajclppdkojdomlialbj)


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