Full Kubernetes Course for Beginners (~4 Hours, Free)

Hi there **👋**

I created a [**complete Kubernetes course**](https://youtu.be/X48VuDVv0do), which I think could be interesting for some (beginners) of you. If you're just getting started with Kubernetes, but maybe also good for refreshing some concepts.




**What is Kubernetes**

* What problems does Kubernetes solve?
* What features do container orchestration tools offer?


**Main K8s Components**

* Node & Pod
* Service & Ingress
* ConfigMap & Secret
* Volumes
* Deployment & StatefulSet


**K8s Architecture**

* Worker Nodes
* Master Nodes
* Api Server
* Scheduler
* Controller Manager
* etcd - the cluster brain


Minikube and kubectl - Local Setup

* What is minikube?
* What is kubectl?
* install minikube and kubectl
* create and start a minikube cluster


**Main Kubectl Commands - K8s CLI**

* Get status of different components
* create a pod/deployment
* layers of abstraction
* change the pod/deployment
* debugging pods
* delete pod/deployment
* CRUD by applying configuration file


**K8s YAML Configuration File**

* 3 parts of a Kubernetes config file (metadata, specification, status)
* format of configuration file
* blueprint for pods (template)
* connecting services to deployments and pods (label & selector & port)
* demo


**Demo Project**

* Deploying MongoDB and Mongo Express
* MongoDB Pod
* Secret
* MongoDB Internal Service
* Deployment Service and Config Map
* Mongo Express External Service


**Organizing your components with K8s Namespaces**

* What is a Namespace?
* 4 Default Namespaces
* Create a Namespace
* Why to use Namespaces? 4 Use Cases
* Characteristics of Namespaces
* Create Components in Namespaces
* Change Active Namespace


**K8s Ingress explained**

* What is Ingress? External Service vs. Ingress
* Example YAML Config Files for External Service and Ingress
* Internal Service Configuration for Ingress
* How to configure Ingress in your cluster?
* What is Ingress Controller?
* Environment on which your cluster is running (Cloud provider or bare metal)
* Demo: Configure Ingress in Minikube
* Ingress Default Backend
* Routing Use Cases
* Configuring TLS Certificate


**Helm - Package Manager**

* Package Manager and Helm Charts
* Templating Engine
* Use Cases for Helm
* Helm Chart Structure
* Values injection into template files
* Release Management / Tiller (Helm Version 2!)


**Persisting Data in K8s with Volumes**

* The need for persistent storage & storage requirements
* Persistent Volume (PV)
* Local vs Remote Volume Types
* Who creates the PV and when?
* Persistent Volume Claim (PVC)
* Levels of volume abstractions
* ConfigMap and Secret as volume types
* Storage Class (SC)


Hope the content is useful for some of you 😊

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  1. I \*just\* got a interview for a job using infrastructure as code and your videos appearing on my radar are nothing short of a godsend for me to get a crash course on all the prerequisite knowledge to bring me from a sysadmin to a infrastructure as code wizard. I’m going to spend all weekend watching your videos. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. If you have somewhere I can donate you some money, I’d love to donate some beer or restaurant money!

  2. Hi ! Nana.. is this different from the collab video with Amigoscode ? and great work ! we’ll are so blessed to learn from you .. Keep rocking and take care 🙂


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