Next time use create-flask-app

Hi, I have created this **open-source** [create-flask-app]( similar to npx create-react-app, Django-admin start project ..

for flask. It's very easy to set-up a flask project with 0 time to create API.

## what will this do?

1. This project creates an app template for getting started with API in 0 times,
2. It comes with Docker-file to build images and setup CI/CD,
3. It also creates virtual env, Installs packages(Globally),
4. This setup is for SQL projects (Nosql support - contribution needed),
5. It comes with DB migration file( to migrate databases(flask-migrate, flask-sqlalchemy),
6. It creates a blueprints directory(traditionally known as views),
7. It auto-generates a secret key for the app,
8. It auto-generates requirements.txt,
9. Customized Error file,
10. and more.

# For whom?

1. New flask users,
2. Migrates from Django,
3. Devs to create a project in 0 times,



3 thoughts on “Next time use create-flask-app”

  1. 1. You should remove all \_\_pycache\_\_ folders from the git repo.

    2. You don’t need to include the “package” directory either.

    3. Why not use cookiecutter behind the scenes? Its purpose is to create application templates such as this (and handles all the variable replacement, etc.) that you are doing manually.

  2. Seems like there’s a template missing? Unless I’m reading the repo wrong, I did just briefly glance over it.

    But this suffers the same issue as every other template package for flask: it prescribes a certain structure of the application itself. In this case, it’s a singleton application that’s considered a global and modified as such.

    That’s a perfectly fine way of building a particular app, but it’s not appropriate for all apps.

    There’s also a lot of pycache files included as well which should be removed.


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