List of Companies that use Ruby and Rails 🔥

Hey guys, I feel bored this weekend. So I do some research on what company uses Ruby and Rails in their stack.

I heard a lot about DHH's company like Hey, Basecamp use Rails. But, I want to know more.

Frankly, Rails is used by most of the freaking awesome companies in the world like Twitch, Airbnb, Codepen, ..... (open the link).

Awesome 😎

If you know more about what company that uses Rails, share it in the comment. I will add it later.

9 thoughts on “List of Companies that use Ruby and Rails 🔥”

  1. Well-known [multi-vendor platforms use Ruby on Rails]( (e.g. Airbnb, Doordash, Instacart, Postmates). It’s also very popular among [Y Combinator companies]( (Stripe, Dropbox, etc). Finally, it’s used by all e-commerce sites that use Shopify or Spree Commerce. Here’s a [list of case studies of companies using Spree Commerce.](

  2. Probably worth noting that “as” their stack should be replaced by “in” their stack. Most of these orgs are running a large range of technologies over many services.


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