New AddOn: Official Media Bias/Fact Check Extension

I'm pleased to announce the [Official Media Bias/Fact Check Extension]( Annotates Facebook/Twitter (to a lesser extent) with ratings from the [Media Bias/Fact Check website](


3 thoughts on “New AddOn: Official Media Bias/Fact Check Extension”

  1. It’s really Facebook centric, but it also changes its icon with the bias of the site you’re on as well. You can see examples of this in the screenshots. There’s also limited support for Twitter (Twitter doesn’t really expose the news organization as much as Facebook does, so it’s much harder to drill into the actual news source).

  2. I usually just check through groundnews as it displays “The Story”
    And lists various news website with their headlines and also shows biasness. I like their format and design. I dont use Facebook or twitter or use social media as news source so idk how well this goes for it.

  3. The political spectrum seems quite simplified and overall skewed right-of-center, though that may be simply that this extension is intended for US audiences.


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