A chrome extension to control your YouTube tabs from anywhere in the browser!

So this is fun project which i made during my free time in early January and then kinda abandoned it. Posted it on various subs, but i eventually found out this sub and thought that this might be a nice place to put it up.

Here's the chrome extension that i created:

Here are some screenshots of the extension running:

This extension allows you control the entire YouTube player on the tab. It has controls like play, pause, skip, seek, volume etc right there! You can also choose to skip ads here. Search tracks directly from this extension and play it on your running youtube tab. Ability to control multiple youtube tabs from here is also present.

\*NOTE\* : You have to have a YouTube tab(s) open with a video playing, which is what this extension will control. This extension is NOT an audio player. It's merely a remote control for your YouTube tabs. I find it useful, since i'm a developer and have music playing in my pinned youtube tabs and can easily control them from anywhere in the browser.

\*NOTE\*: The search functionality is not working because for some reason youtube api quota has been downgraded for my extension. I am in process of writing a mail to them about this.

Anyhow, do checkout this extension and let me know how you all find it 😀
(You might need to close and reopen your YouTube tabs)

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