My first django web app

Hello guys, I'm happy to make this django login\_system web app. It has database(CRUD). I'm happy to upload my first django web app to github. I also learnt git and pushed from cmd. Django learning continues. Feels good, lol.

Github : [\_system](

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  1. Looks cool! One quick tip, I guess you have just started learning git, so I suggest you check put what a .gitignore file is. Basically, it lets you leave some files out of the repository, so they just exist in your computer and they don’t appear on github.

    This way, you can leave the database out of the repo, to avoid everyone from having access to your user’s data. That plus the secret key being public would give anyone access to your user’s **raw password**. To avoid this, you can use a .env file to keep that secret. Brb with a short tutorial on the latter

    [Here’s]( the library i use for SECRET_KEY and similar stuff


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