“Modern JavaScript for Django Developers” is now available as a 40-minute talk


For much of the past year I've been working intermittently on a series of guides to working with JavaScript and Django called "[Modern JavaScript for Django developers](https://www.saaspegasus.com/guides/modern-javascript-for-django-developers/)". Several of the parts have been posted here so many of you may be familiar with them.

Anyway, for those of you that prefer learning from videos instead of articles, I'm excited to announce that my series is now available as a conference talk!

I gave the talk remotely last month as part of [PyCon ZA](https://za.pycon.org/) (South Africa's version of PyCon). It focuses mostly on the high-level parts of integrating Python/Django apps and JavaScript, though should be a solid basis for setting up your project's architecture and build pipeline and hitting the ground running.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdAv2Fju5g8

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bRkxHUH-1Kc6vhkYL9jVejC99nzqLgRswEGXGwM9XrY/edit

I'm also happy to answer any questions you have here!

9 thoughts on ““Modern JavaScript for Django Developers” is now available as a 40-minute talk”

  1. This looks great, looking forward to combing through it this week! As a backend/django/ML engineer I’ve always shied away from the JS ecosystem, to my own detriment. So I appreciate this effort wholeheartedly.

    Edit: just finished the talk and it was great. I am 100% the spaghetti “server first” view and you captured the trepidation of a Python developer dipping their toes into the JS world really well. I’m excited to go through the articles you wrote.

  2. Great talk, really simplified some things that are usually over complicated. I really wish I had viewed this like a year and a half ago because I could have skipped the first few steps haha. I’ve only recently started working with react, and so far so good. I use django for personal projects but my company uses a c# backend. I’ll surely check out your posts

    Ps, vue, react are libraries, next is a framework.

  3. Great talk man. You literally touched on all my pain points when I started; especially the fear and the steeper learning curve. I wish you’d had time to talk about CORS. The actual API, DRF etc.

    One thing that helps a lot is to include a django block tag in the react public index file and have your django base template file extend it’s transpiled version(the one in the build folder). Instead of including the react file in the django template like it was jquery. Something like this:

    // src/public/index.html

    {% block body %}

    {% endblock body %}

    Now in your entry point django template file

    // templates/base.html

    {% extends ‘build/index.html’ %}

    {% block body %}
    // Your original django templating architecture

    {{ block.super }} // very important otherwise react would not work
    {% endblock body %}

  4. Thanks so much. I’m a former Django developer getting back into the game to create some MVP’s of ideas that have been lingering and this really helped to make me feel a bit less outdated 🙂


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