Anyone know any lightweight addons to block youtube channels?

I currently use [Channel Blocker]( by Time Machine Development, and I love it, so useful.
Blocks not only from the home page, and the sidebar recommendations, which is youtube's usual limit, but also blocks unwanted channels from search results.

However... As my list grew, its effect on Youtube became quite heavy. And I don't have either a strong connection or a great PC, so if there's a lightweight alternative for this addon, I would love that.

PD: I isolated the performance problem to this extension, but it only happened after I went over 150 blocked channels more or less. I would like to keep blocking more channels. I only really need it to block channels from the search results, as youtube already let's you fix recommendations on the homepage and sidebar to a degree. And I feel that adds a significant and unnecessary cost to performance whenever youtube is open. I wouldn't necessarily mind slower searches if they're cleaner, but this addon slows youtube all the time.

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