My journey from writing 1st line of code to shipping a real web app in < 6 months using Django.

Clinical pharmacist for ~ 10 years. As COVID hit, my wife stayed home and took care of the house. Found myself with a lot of evening and weekends with nothing to do. So l, decided to use the time productively and learn how to code. Fell in love with Python and Django!

173 days later —>

I wrote my first line of code on May, 21st and progressively built on that since then.

Here is the step by step journey of how I learned. Also, happy to answer any questions about the process from fellow learners or builders.

9 thoughts on “My journey from writing 1st line of code to shipping a real web app in < 6 months using Django.”

  1. Love the design and the idea! Just a quick heads up, design-wise: red buttons usually represent actions like deleting content or otherwise potentially dangerous stuff. It’s a bit confusing having them in places like signup and the next button. But apart from that, it looks really good

  2. Good work, though I’d recommend fine tuning a few design elements to be more consistent and better in line with accepted conventions. (I.e. shadow usage on cards is not consistent, overuse of text, color scheme, etc) Otherwise, impressive progress.

  3. Nice job! Looks pretty good.

    I’d be a little careful about advertising this as your first Django app in a ton of places, because if there are users like me, my first inclination was to immediately do some basic security checks on your site to see if you’ve forgotten something obvious like leaving DEBUG on or /admin/ accessible (you didn’t!). I’m not malicious or a security expert though so that’s where my probing ended, but you might not always be so lucky.

    A small nitpick – you have a typo on one of the first lines: “You tell us who you want to give gifts **too**, …”. Should be “**to**”.

  4. Your point about if feels like grinding vs fun(learning) really is so true. If i dont like where i am, doing what…i should just stop…makes me recalibrate/remember to why im doing it in the first place!


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