3 thoughts on “Is it possible to bypass paywalls on an Android device?”

  1. First, I would read this. It’ll probably steer you in a way better direction…https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2019/05/how-to-install-chrome-extensions-on-an-android-browser/

    Also this is helpful: https://www.gizbot.com/how-to/tips-tricks/how-you-can-install-chrome-extensions-on-android-050121.html

    Lastly, here’s another thing you can try. (Note: this failed to work for me). I reworded the instructions a little below…however I couldnt get manifest.json to import properly into the new Yandex browser. Im supplying these steps anyways just in case others have a better experience or if bugs from today are later resolved:



    Install Yandex Browser from the Google PlayStore (Bypass Paywalls Clean doesn’t work with Kiwi Browser yet).

    Download the zip file package and extract it on your phone somewhere youll remember the path (like your Downloads folder): https://gitlab.com/magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-chrome-clean

    Follow Chrome instructions located just above (step 6: pick manifest.json instead of the folder).



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