A complete playlist for docker learning. Start learning docker for free.

Hello Friends, Check out my playlist for complete docker tutorial starting from setting up docker, docker basic commands, creating containers, deploying docker swarm, deploying multi node application in docker swarm, docker stack, docker secrets and more with integration with Jenkins, grafana, prometheus, ansible etc.. I hope this is useful for you.


11 thoughts on “A complete playlist for docker learning. Start learning docker for free.”

  1. This is amazing! Thank you. Please share more if you ever make them. I’ve just recently started learning this so I appreciate this a lot.

  2. These videos are great, thanks! Do you mind if I link your playlist within the [open educational resource on Docker I’ve built here](https://ubc-library-rc.github.io/intro-docker/resources/)?

    While the curriculum is largely tailored towards reproducible computing for a public research university context, I’d love to be able to point attendees & grad students towards your great set of videos for further learning!

  3. This is not great. I went through 6 videos. It’s just computer generated voice, with (terrible) background music with low res video’s going over docker (website) tutorials.

    I’d go so far as saying this is just clickbait, I was hoping for so much more!


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