Working on a mega tutorial on Modern Rails – what would you like me to cover?

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Hello fellow Redditors,

I'm working on a series of mega tutorial on modern practices with using Ruby on Rails. I'm planning to focus on building CRMs in the first batch with Active Admin, React and Stripe subscriptions. I have not decided yet what I should cover in the next chapters.

Would you be interested in reading these as they come out? Is there something, in particular, you would like me to focus on?

10 thoughts on “Working on a mega tutorial on Modern Rails – what would you like me to cover?”

  1. I’ll read/watch anything about:

    – project directories organization for non-standard classes (commands, value objects, etc)
    – production monitoring (sending logs to a service, how to make it feasible without a performance impact hit)
    – ActiveStorage (both local storage and using other services)

  2. Accessing files that you store using Active Storage. Not everyone uploads just images (i.e., avatars). For example, I store PDFs and learning to extract text from them was very difficult. I have it working now, but that’s because I talked to Rails developers as I found almost nothing useful thru the Google.

  3. implementing polymorphic model associations (like acts\_as\_commentable gem). Semi new to rails and about to use alot of similar gems. Would really like to know how it works though.

  4. Deploying other JS libraries with webpacker, where to put them, how to load them, etc. How to use bootstrap and other frameworks, override CSS, where to put files, etc.


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