Simple flask/ react webapp that can be run fully locally for replacing all faces in images and video


The Python facial recognition libraries Centerface & Deface are used for anti-facial recognition and ImageIO for image processing. Originally adapted from the deface module from CLI format to a simple flask web app. Uses react for front end file uploading, api calls, and rendering processed media after making replacements.

[FaceReplace Video with emoji replacement for Home Alone 2 ](

[Facereplace emoji replacement on a crowd image](

[FaceReplace with box replacement](

[FaceReplace with blur replacements on crowd image](


Image and video replacement/ anonymization with emojis, boxes, or blurBuilt with flask

Works fully offline after initial installation

Local proxy: flask session and flask\_cors to process requests from frontend


React Form for uploading files and rendering image / video output after processing

Material UI

Proxy: setupProxy.js and package.json "proxy" port 5000


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