I made a URL shortener in flask!

This is my first "real" project made in Flask, I'm currently hosting it on a ubuntu server running apache. At this moment it's pretty barebones but I plan on adding a tracking analytics dashboard for links that have been created but thats a bit down the road once I fix a couple of bugs in the API. Probably will make it opensource in the future once the code isn't spaghetti code.

Front-end technologies used:

* Anime.js
* Typed.js

Back-end technologies used:

* Ubuntu
* Apache
* Flask (ofc)
* Flask-limiter
* Pymongo
* Cloudflare

Change log from feedback and data from this Reddit post:

1. Fixed a bug where it would allow URL's to be inputed without a TLD attached credit to u/flaskcheckint!
2. Blocking Minity links from being shortend for security and redirect loops. And removing pre-existing links that was redirecting to [https://minity.link](https://minity.link)

If you want to check it out the link is over here: [https://minity.link](https://minity.link) ! I am open to feedback and suggestions 🙂

~~EDIT 1: For anyone who goes there now and try's to shorten a url you will get a 500 error sorry! I'm making changes to the backend, check back later!~~

8 thoughts on “I made a URL shortener in flask!”

  1. It made my link longer, I guess I should have started with a longer link. You ever worry that if enough people use the service your obliged to keep it online to stop all those links going dead?

  2. [https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/758297536388792390/758364573207494746/unknown.png?width=1000&height=543](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/758297536388792390/758364573207494746/unknown.png?width=1000&height=543)


    I had made one too. So mad because I mistakenly deleted the entire OS partition and have no backup. And now i am lazy to do it all again

  3. Hey I saw in the morning today that you your website had served \~900 links. However when I checked later it displayed that you have served \~250 links. Did you delete some of the links? Because I had used your service for a coupe of links, I just wanted to know what was the issue?


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