Full Docker Course for Beginners (~3 Hours, Free)

Hi there **👋**

I created a [**complete Docker course**](https://youtu.be/3c-iBn73dDE), which I think could be interesting for some (beginners) of you. If you're just getting started with Docker, but maybe also good for refreshing some concepts.

By the end, you will have a deep understanding of the concepts and a **great overall big picture of how Docker is used in the whole software development process**.

The course is a **mix of animated theoretic explanations** and **hands-on demo’s** to follow along, so you get your first hands-on experience with Docker and feel more confident using it in your projects.


Demo project: JS/NodeJS/MongoDB/MongoExpress



**What is Docker?**

* What is a container and what problems does it solve?
* Container repository - where do containers live?
* Development - before/after container
* Deployment - before/after container


**What is a Container?**

* What is a container technically? (layers of images)
* Demo part (docker hub and run a docker container locally)


**Docker vs Virtual Machine**


**Docker Installation**


**Main Docker Commands**

* docker pull
* docker run
* docker ps
* docker run --options
* docker stop
* docker start
* docker ports, docker port mapping


**Debugging a Container**

* docker logs
* docker exec -it


**Demo Project Overview - Docker in Practice**


**Developing with Containers**

* Pre-Requisites
* what we will do in this part
* 1st part: The JavaScript App (HTML, JavaScript Frontend, Node.js Backend)
* 2nd part: MongoDB and Mongo Express Set-Up with Docker
* Docker Network concept and demo
* 3rd part: Connect Node Server with MongoDB container


**Docker Compose - Running multiple services**

* What is Docker Compose?
* docker run commands VS docker compose
* How to use it? - Create the Docker Compose File (Demo)
* Docker Networking in Docker Compose


**Dockerfile - Building our own Docker Image**

* What is a Dockerfile?
* How the Dockerfile commands map to the image environment
* Create the Dockerfile (Demo)
* Build an image out of the Dockerfile
* Start the Application to verify: 1) App starts successfully 2) App environment is configured correctly
* do improvement - copy only relevant files


**Private Docker Repository** \- Pushing our built Docker Image into a private Registry on AWS

* Create a Private Repository on AWS ECR
* Login to AWS (docker login)
* Image Naming concept in Docker registries
* docker tag to include the repository name in the image name
* Push the Docker Image to the Private Repository
* Make some changes to the Application, rebuild and push a new version to your AWS repository


**Deploy our containerized application**


**Docker Volumes - Persist data in Docker**

* When do we need Docker Volumes?
* What is Docker Volumes?
* 3 Docker Volumes Types
* Docker Volumes in docker-compose file


**Volumes Demo** **- Configure persistence for our demo project**


Appreciate any feedback and hope the content is valuable for some of you 😊

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  1. I clicked on the post because of the title and began watching because of the content 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I’m specially looking forward to the part about the Docker on AWS.


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