E-commerce site backed by flask

Hi folks,

I have been using flask for almost all of my web projects over the past 5 years (at previous jobs and currently side projects). My latest app is [MaceyShop](https://maceyshop.com), an ecommerce site.

Some highlights of the top-level app structure:

\- Libs folder: stay outside of the main web folder so that it can be reused in other frameworks (like starlette, pyramid or regular scripts). Current libs include sql\_db, nosql\_db, data storages (fs, s3, gcs), media managers (cloudinary, imgix).

\- Main web folder: app factory, extensions, tasks, routing, template, static, assets, utils, web core (decorations, template filters, middlewares etc)

\- Jobs: background jobs

\- Settings folder

\- Scripts

\- Notes: jupyter notebooks for fast prototyping

\- Scrappy

\- Webpack configs

This is the app structure I used for all my projects, would love to see if any one wants to take a look and give feedback. If yes I will open source the base structure (with db, auth, ext setups)?

8 thoughts on “E-commerce site backed by flask”

  1. Wow this is really nice!! I am fairly new to the coding/programming and an eCommerce application is similar to the first project I am trying to create– a pizza ordering system. I know I am not providing you any feedback however, do you know of any resources that might aid me in my development? If not, no worries. Again your page looks amazing!!

  2. That’s pretty awesome, I’d love to have a look at your code. I’ve switched to Flask less than a year ago after about 10 years of building and managing WP sites, including ecommerce ones. I didn’t do much coding in these 10 years, just integrated some readymade pieces, and got really pissed off by the whole WP ecosystem. With Flask, I’ve built 3 apps, 2 of them are the replacements for the old WP-based projects and the third one is a backend system for automation of business processes. The shop still runs in WP/WooCommerce, but as soon as an order is placed, my Flask backend system retrieves and processes it. My ultimate goal is to scrap WP entirely and run my own Flask shop, but I’m still hesitating to move in that direction as it seems to be a big & serious task.

  3. Looks super duper good . Would it be possible to share how you secured it , or post a link to a good article which you referred too.
    I’m in the midst of launching my own flask based e-commerce store and would love checks all the things on a list .
    Cheers !

  4. Holy dude this is fascinating just love the work and effort you have put in making such a awesome e-commerce website

    I too am in middle of developing a e-commerce site using flask (its not completed yet but it will be soon)

    I have been using flask from over a year so i am not as good as you are

    And as for the feedback i would say to add language translation as well (but again I’m in no place to give you feedback)

    And would love to see open-source version of this


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