Laravel code generator

An intuitive and efficient Laravel code generator [Online](

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## Feature

* Custom layer (Controller, Model, Repository, etc.)
* Custom template (with syntax: `for`, `if`, etc.)
* Convert database schema to Laravel Migration
* Deploy PHP code online
* Design table fields and indexes
* Define model factories
* Generate field validation rules

## Example

## Create a Migration


## Add validation rules

5 thoughts on “Laravel code generator”

  1. Not used this for a project, but it’s been great to explore some of the patterns that I’ve not previously deployed myself.

    I really like the consistency that a code generator brings, and this looks fairly opinionated which I also quite like these days. Is there a style guide or anything that you’ve used for reference? I notice that it deviates from official documented approaches in a few places, but often in ways that I actually prefer.

  2. This nice! Have you ever worked with Gii (generator of the Yii2 framework)? That the thing that I really miss when developing in Laravel. That, and the GridView component.


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