Introducing Stimulus components with a first class support for Rails

Stimulus deserves to have a big and qualitative ecosystem with plug'n'play controllers like in other modern JS frameworks.

More info here 👉 [](

All the available controllers are here 👉 [](

Feel free to open PRs and issues 🥳

7 thoughts on “Introducing Stimulus components with a first class support for Rails”

  1. This seems really cool! I haven’t looked through all the components yet but the once I’ve seen are really nice. You even solved an issue for me that I’ve had for a couple months now with your content-loader component. Thanks!

    Is there a way to be notified once you add new components?

  2. One of the features that SPA frameworks help is with form validation when multiple inputs are dependent on one another. A simple example is picking a county after picking a state. Sure the SPA lets the list of counties change after the selecting a state, but the validation can get even more complex, if the input value is dependent on multiple other inputs.

    Has anyone seen this problem before and has been able to solve it with stimulus? i’m hoping for as generic as possible like the ones linked in OP


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