Building an e-commerce website using Django and Vue

Hi everyone!

Around two months ago I started posting videos on my YouTube channel where I show you how to build an e-commerce website from scratch using Vue and Django.

During these two months, I've posted 26 parts and more are coming. I have implemented two payment gateways (Stripe and Razorpay. PayPal is coming soon). I have also added a lot of cool functionality like newsletter signup, pdf receipts, related products, advanced search, etc.

The reason I re-post about this is to ask if you have any ideas for more things I can implement? Any good suggestions?

Here are some of the things I'm going to make videos for in the near future:
\-Discounted products
\-Popular products / recently viewed products
\-PayPal integration

If you want to check out the video series, you can find it here:

Looking forward to hear from you 🙂

3 thoughts on “Building an e-commerce website using Django and Vue”

  1. Thanks for sharing Stein, i will definitely have a look, from a quick glance on the videos and the comments it sounds very promising!

  2. Hey I recently saw some of your videos on youtube as I was trying to figure out ways of using Vue with Django, very helpful!.. Thank you


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