Watch me build a new Ruby/Rails community in public 📹

Hey all,

I've been wanting to see a place/resource build up more hype about Rails and Ruby again like the good ole' days so I'm building one in public.

Some background about what exactly I plan on building is here: [](

I plan to commit to a few hours of recording my progress a week for an initial MVP of the job board portion of the app. Once that's complete I'll do a tentative soft launch and continue adding more of the community features.

#### Primary goals:

- Build some buzz around Ruby / Rails.
- Bring more Ruby and Rails developers together.
- Have a centralized place to find Ruby and Rails jobs.
- Showcase profiles developers can use to get hired.
- Have a community forum for all things Ruby and Rails + more web/programming topics.
- Maybe make some side $$

The ongoing YouTube playlist is here: [](

The ongoing collection of articles/videos is here:

The buzz around the Laravel community is inspiring and is a big driver for me to take on this project.

It's worth noting that I'm not a super-advanced Rails developer like I'm sure many of you are but I believe I know enough to build something such as this (no matter how scrappy to start). Feedback and pointers are welcomed as I'm also using this as a learning experience and potential to earn some side income.

**TL;DR;** I'm building a community and job board for Ruby/Rails developers in public. Maybe follow along if you're interested?

6 thoughts on “Watch me build a new Ruby/Rails community in public 📹”

  1. Hey man – I just wanted to say I’ve been following your web-crunch youtube videos for a while and you’re a skilled teacher. This is a neat idea and I look forward to seeing its impementation.

  2. This is awesome! Subscribed to your channel. I’d be willing to put some hours to help. I don’t know vue.js but definitely interested to learn. Let me know if you’re interested.

  3. Love seeing content creators. I remember when I started developing in Rails around 2006 and didn’t get serious until 2007. There was a lot of hype but no content. Learning was difficult because there wasn’t any resources. It was either read the docs or trial and error. Today, there is an abundance of resources, video creators, bloggers, meetups, and conference talks. We have a great community! The language is always improving and the framework is mature. For me personally, the hype has never been so high.

  4. I’ve come across your videos couple of time – good job!

    And I like your cause in this post, **however** I’m quite skeptical about creating yet another Ruby on Rails job board..


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