Tutorial: Can it run Doom? – Docker UI Container Streaming

Who said docker was just for mircoservices?

This tutorial demonstrates how to build containerized applications that require a GUI and access them from your browser. Doom is used as an example because, why not?

The open-source project KasmVNC is used for streaming the application to the browser.

**Tutorial:** [https://medium.com/@matthew.mcclaskey/docker-container-ui-streaming-doom-2b8e453a23a6](https://medium.com/@matthew.mcclaskey/docker-container-ui-streaming-doom-2b8e453a23a6)
**KasmVNC:** [https://github.com/kasmtech/KasmVNC](https://github.com/kasmtech/KasmVNC)

5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Can it run Doom? – Docker UI Container Streaming”

  1. I run Kasm on my ProxMox box. It’s a pretty good little package. Pretty easy to deploy and certainly has a lot of valid uses.

  2. This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen. I’ll review this later at home. Thanks for sharing OP!

  3. There’s an image that dockerizes iDRAC Remote Console on Dell servers. Normally, you would be required to install some ancient Java jre and can only access with obsolete browsers.

    The image sets up the environment and provides a web vnc for accessing the console, awesome!

    I think it’s domisyle/idrac6 on GitHub iirc


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