Ninja Cookie says “no” to cookie use and removes cookie consent banners automatically ! Adopt the ninja !


I really want to introduce you to my new extension. Ninja Cookie is a free Web browser extension that automatically deletes cookie banners by setting them up and refusing the use of cookies.

[Are you fed up with cookie banners? Forget them! Ninja Cookie handles them and says “no” for you!](

More than a simple add-on that removes the cookie consent banners, Ninja Cookie will take time to say "no" and set up the banner correctly to protect your privacy. An that's a huge difference with other "cookie consent extensions". In other words, Ninja Cookie enhances your privacy and your browsing experience.

After one month and a half of beta-test (we've asked for beta tester here), we have finally launched the public release 4 weeks ago. So you just need to install the extension directly from Firefox webstore and everything will be done by the Ninja automatically. I hope you'll like it !

[Adopt the Ninja here >> Firefox Add-ons](

[More information here >> Ninja Cookie website](

Oh! It's free 🙂

I hope you'll enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Ninja Cookie says “no” to cookie use and removes cookie consent banners automatically ! Adopt the ninja !”

  1. Such an add-on was on my wishlist for so long. Thanks a lot!

    Edit: Also looking on your website: If you need help with german translation, I would be glad to help.

  2. All fine and dandy, but ninja cookie has the same problem as “minimal-consent”:

    No support for Firefox on iOS 🙁

    I’ll definately check you out if available on FF mobile.

  3. Hello,

    nice add-on, where can one find the “un-minified” code?

    I looked and could not find any reference to a repository (i.e. (github/gitlab/sourceforge).

    Thanks in Advance.

  4. There are some concerning red flags with this project.

    * I can’t find the source code anywhere
    * It claims it’s free, however it will manipulate you with annoying popups and paywalls to go premium
    * The non-premium version hides the cookie banner, but shows a super annoying cookie ninja banner. This is totally unacceptable!
    * They claim it’s totally free, but when you want to pay 0.00, premium is only 30 days.

    Do not recommend at this point. Very disgusting manipulative dark patterns.

    EDIT: Excerpt from their Privacy Policy [](

    >Matomo is processing the following personal data:
    >Cookies, IP address, User ID, Custom Dimensions, Custom Variables, Order ID, Location of the user
    >And also:
    >Date and time, Title of the page being viewed, URL of the page being viewed, URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page, Screen resolution, Time in local timezone, Files that were clicked and downloaded, Link clicks to an outside domain, Pages generation time, Country, region, city, Main Language of the browser, User Agent of the browser,
    >This list can be completed with additional features such as:
    >Session recording, mouse events (movements, content forms and clicks), Form interactions, Media interactions, A/B Tests

    Very fishy! Beware!


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