Kindly stop trolling people asking for help

Good afternoon,

Could I please encourage you not to troll people asking for help, django is really not easy to learn, so people come here asking for help. The problem is, that downvoting posts because you think the question is beneath you is really not a nice thing to do when someone is already stuck on a complex problem. You had to learn at some point and most likely came either here or to stackexchange to get some answers. This subreddit has become a very unpleasant place to be of late when it used to be an excellent resource, it use to be stack exchange that was known for nasty comments, but now it's reddit. There are plenty of places to leave shitty comments if you are in a bad mood and want to take it out on someone, but please, if you don't want to help, then just move on, don't leave unhelpful comments like "read the docs" or "do the tutorial", and don't downvote, just move on, everyone needs help sometimes.

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